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CAV444 - C/V-Converter IC with Linear Voltage Output

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Package variants of the C/V-converter IC CAV444
CAV444 is a capacitance-to-voltage converter IC for the measurement of single capacitances. Its ratiometric output voltage signal is proportional to the input capacitance. CAV444 can be used as stand-alone IC or as front end for µC. Its wide capacitance measurement range and high sensitivity allow various applications.


  • Humidity measurement
  • Distance measurement
  • Capacitive pressure sensors
  • Level sensing
  • Material identification
  • Object detection

Short Specifications

Supply Voltage (VCC)

5 V ± 5%

Capacitance input range

10 pF .. 10 nF

Voltage output

1 .. 4 V (ratiometric), adjustable

Reference voltage

2.5 V (ratiometric)

Temperature range

-40 °C .. 105 °C

Temperature sensor output

2.20 .. 2.45 V (8 mV/K)

Package / Delivery forms

SO16, on DIL16-adapter, sawn 6″ wafer on blue foil