Pressure Sensors

AMS 4710 - Pressure Transmitter with Voltage Output 0 .. 10V
AMS 4710_AN01Application Note: AMS 4710(4711) - Precise level sensing with a low pressure transmitter
AMS 4711 - Pressure Transmitter with Voltage Output 0 .. 5V
AMS 4711_AN01Application Note: AMS 4711 - Precise level sensing with a low pressure transmitter
AMS 5105 - Amplified OEM Pressure Sensor and two Switchs
AMS 5105_AN01Monitoring HVAC filter and fan units using AMS 5105
AMS 5812 - Pressure Sensor with Analog & I2C Output
AMS 5812_AN01Media compatibility of pressure sensors with silicon measurement cells of AMS 5105/5812/5915
AMS 5812_AN02Differential and bidirectional differential pressure sensors, taking AMS 5015/5812/5915 as an example
AMS 5812_AN03OEM- Pressure Sensors AMS 5105 / 5612 / 5812 / 5915 - Mounting Instructions
AMS 5812_AN08Application Note: AMS 5812 - Ratiometry in pressure sensors


AM401 - Industrial Voltage Amplifier IC
pr1010(en)Due to the modular structure the voltage transmitter AM401 is a multi functional IC. It is demonstrated how to use the AM401 in a room temperature sensor.
pr1003(en)Examples how to use the voltage transmitter IC AM401 in several applications.
AM422-2 - Compact V/I-Converter IC for Current-Loop Applications
pr1001(en)Conversion of a pre-amplified pressure sensor signal (0.5 .. 4.5 V) into a current loop signal (4 .. 20 mA) using the AM422-2.
AM462 - Industrial V/I-Converter IC
pr1012(en)What you have to know about 4 .. 20 mA (2 wires) current-loop applications
pr1011(en)The AM462 can be used as an integrated solution to interface a microprocessor to the industrial 4 .. 20 mA network.